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Kiwi Labs Pickleball

Spiked Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle | Edgeless 3k Carbon

Spiked Carbon Fiber Pickleball Paddle | Edgeless 3k Carbon

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Introducing the Spiked 3K Carbon Paddle by KiwiLabs – where innovation meets pickleball excitement! 🥝🏓

Get ready to elevate your pickleball game with the ultimate fusion of power and control. Our Spiked 3K Carbon Paddle is not just a paddle; it's a game-changing masterpiece designed for players who want to up their precision on the court while having a blast.

🎨 State of the Art Design for Unmatched Swing Weight Comfort

Say goodbye to clunky swings and hello to the smoothest, most comfortable swings you've ever experienced. Our paddle's cutting-edge design ensures that your swing feels as natural as your favorite dance move.

Engineered for Speed, Engineered for Power

Unleash your inner dynamo with our over-engineered wind vents that turbocharge your swing speed and unleash precise power shots. It's like having a secret boost button on your paddle!

⚖️ The Perfect Dance of Power and Control

It's not about choosing between power OR control – it's about having both, effortlessly. Our Spiked Paddle is the ultimate balancing act that lets you dominate the court with finesse and fierceness.

🔥 Thermoformed & Edgeless: A Stroke of Genius

We've pushed the boundaries of paddle technology with our thermoformed masterpiece. And the edgeless design? Oh, that's not just about looks – it's about maximizing your aggressive swing weight and embracing an iconic aesthetic.

🏓 Soft Touch at the Kitchen Line, Explosive Power Everywhere Else

At the net, it's a gentle caress; in the heat of the game, it's an explosion of power. Thanks to our highly engineered 3K carbon fiber and meticulous thermoforming process, you'll experience the best of both worlds.

💥 Edge Foam Magic: Your Sweet Spot Amplified

Ever wished for a sweet spot that never fails? Our edge foam technology, combined with vented edges, creates a sweet spot that's like a magnet for the ball. Precision has a new address, and it's right here on your paddle.

🎯 For the Pros in the Making: 3.0+ Players

Ready to take your game to a whole new level? Our Spiked 3K Carbon Paddle is your golden ticket. Designed for players who aim for nothing but the bullseye, it's time to show the court what you're made of.

🌟 The Sweet Symphony of Feel and Feedback

Feel the magic of softer 3K carbon fiber as it absorbs those annoying vibrations, leaving you with nothing but the pure joy of the game. It's like playing to the rhythm of victory!

Are you ready to ignite your pickleball passion with the Spiked 3K Carbon Paddle from KiwiLabs? Step up to a new era of precision, power, and playfulness on the court. It's not just a paddle – it's your ticket to pickleball paradise! 🏆🥝🏓


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nick Baginski
I am not allowed to play rec anymore.

This paddle is so insane. It is the perfect combination of touch and ABSOLUTE POWER.

I have been hitting shots so incredibly hard lately, that the local Lifetime does not allow me to come to their open play.

I don't care, because I was going to cancel anyway because it's too expensive.

The fruit and the favorite things.

Only paddle I can use after hand injury

I have a plate and six screws in my hand. The pain was severe when trying to come back to playing Pickleball. When Larry placed this paddle in my hand, it was a game changer. Coming from a tennis background, I love the spin and slice I get off this paddle.


Love this paddle! Increased power & great control! Love the colors!!🥰😎


Amazing control! It’s my go to paddle.

Sandra O.
My go-to paddle right now

I've been using my Spiked for several weeks now and I can't seem to be able to put it down. Even when I go to my bag to change to another paddle I feel might better fit my current matchup, I always end up back with my Spiked. I do favor control over power when picking my paddles, but I do find that the Spiked gives me a bit more power than my Control oriented paddles. I also end up finding the sweet spot on the Spiked more often than I do on my other paddles that advertise having a bigger sweet spot. It's also just really fun to play with!

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Specs and More

- Handle- 5.5in
- Handle circumference- 4.25in
- Core- 14mm honeycomb
- Length- 16.5in
- Width- 7.5in
- Build material- high grade 3k carbon fiber
- Face- micro grit spray coating

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