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KiwiLabs Pickleball

Slice | Hybrid T700 Carbon Fiber | Thermoformed Professional Pickleball Paddle

Slice | Hybrid T700 Carbon Fiber | Thermoformed Professional Pickleball Paddle

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Feel the power and ease of our T700 Carbon Fiber Elongated Handle Professional Pickleball Paddle.

Get ready for a game-changing experience with a paddle that benefits from foam injected edges and a high quality raw carbon fabric peel-ply face that packs a light but mighty punch. With Slice, you're always ready for a blazing good time!

Now with a smaller grip circumference (4.2in)

How will the Slice kick up your pickleball game?

- Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Unibody Construction
- Hybrid Shape
- New Carbon Fabric Peel-Ply Face
- Thermoformed 
- The SWEEEEETEST of Sweetspots
- Honeycomb Polypropylene Balance Core
- Foam Injected Dura-Walls
- Sickness for the Thickness

Size Matters:

Length- 16.2in
Width - 7.7in

Total Thickness - 20mm
Core Thickness - 16mm
Handle Length - 5.5in
Grip Circumference - 4.2in
Weight - 7.8-8.4oz


Tell me more about that sweet sweet tech!

Carbon Fiber Unibody Design

Introducing a powerful new design in pickleball paddles: our carbon fiber unibody paddle. Unlike other paddles on the market, our paddle is constructed into a single piece of Toray T700 carbon fiber through heat-molding, creating a much more durable product. Say goodbye to the worry of your paddle breaking down quickly or after heavy use, and enjoy a paddle that will last much longer than non thermoformed paddles.

This unibody design not only enhances the longevity of the paddle, but also provides a stronger and more consistent playing experience. The T700 carbon fiber material used in our paddles offers excellent strength and rigidity, ensuring your shots have the power and precision you need to dominate the court.

Experience the durability and performance benefits of a carbon fiber unibody paddle, and take your pickleball game to the next level.

Honeycomb Polypropylene Balance Core

Our carbon fiber paddles feature a cutting-edge Honeycomb Polypropylene Balance Core, designed to deliver the perfect hit every time. The core is made from 16mm polypropylene, offering the ideal balance of structure and performance.

The honeycomb design of the core provides additional stability and support, ensuring that your shots have the power and accuracy you need to dominate the court. Whether you're hitting a hard cross-court shot or a delicate drop shot, the Honeycomb Polypropylene Balance Core will help you execute your moves with precision and confidence.

So why settle for a paddle that doesn't give you the performance you need? Upgrade to our carbon fiber paddles with a Honeycomb Polypropylene Balance Core and experience the difference for yourself. Perfect your game and make your mark on the pickleball court.

Foam Injected Dura-Edges

Take your pickleball game to the next level with our advanced Foam Injected Dura-Edge technology. This high-tech feature is designed to deliver optimal performance and control on every shot.

Throughout the edges of the entire paddle, we have injected high-quality foam, edge-to-edge and even into the handle, to create a larger "sweet spot". The result is a paddle that provides a more consistent and forgiving playing experience, even on off-center shots.

This cutting-edge technology is typically only found in the most expensive paddles on the market, but we are proud to offer it in our affordable and accessible carbon fiber paddles. Whether you're a seasoned pickleball pro or just starting out, the Foam Injected Dura-edge is sure to help you play your best game yet.

Experience the difference for yourself and elevate your pickleball game with our Foam Injected Dura-edge technology. Get more perfect shots, more control, and more confidence on the court.


** images are computer generated and actual paddle may vary slightly **

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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
James Pride
I have yet to receive my paddle.

I have not received my paddle yet. I have played with others and loved it but I’m patiently waiting for this one to come in.

wilson mcduffie
Game Changer !

Improved my game from the first hit.


Endless forgiveness!

great reset doubles paddle

this is a great soft, easy reset paddle;
it has medium power, i need a little more power to work from the baseline;
it has good spin and plenty of spin for me;
it has a big sweetspot;
it stands out amongs the sea of black paddles, kudos to kiwi for that!!;
i like this paddle best for doubles play, large sweetspot and comfortable;
the comfort from this paddle is great, no arm issues, and plenty of room for a 2hbh if needed;
i have the kiwi.cannon(13mm) as well, and in contrast, the k.SLICE has a bit less power, but not an issue up at the kitchen line, where the comfort and sweetspot are the premium features;
i love my kiwi.SLICE!;
i am a brand ambassador for kiwi, so try for yourself and test/feel for yourself! great option for stronger players who want more of a reset/control paddle, over power paddles!; check out my review of the k.cannon if insterested!!?

Lisa Taylor
Lot of bang for the buck!

I’ve been using this paddle for about a week. I really like it. It has great balance with both power and control. It’s my new fav paddle.

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Specs and More

Introducing the Slice from KiwiLabs Pickleball. Our heightened design is centered around the perfect balance of fun and professional. Inspired from the industries top performing paddles to create the ultimate in usability.

Length- 16.25in
Width - 7.75in
Thickness - 20mm
Handle Length - 5.5in
Grip Circumference - 4.25
Weight - 7.8-8.4oz

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